Inserts: mechanical fasteners for 3D printed parts

At Parts On Demand, we’re masters in producing end-use-parts by means of 3D printing. From time to time, your products are in need of some type of mechanical fastener. Of course you can 3D print threads, but we’d rather introduce you to inserts!

The problem with plastic threads is they can be used for a limited number of times only. Compared to their metal counterparts, they’ll quickly wear: especially if you incidentally overtighten them.

Say hello to our brass-inserts. They are basically brass bushes with tapped thread and an outer texture. The combination of this texture and the brass material makes them ideal to ‘heat-set’ them. We use a heated tool to push the insert into the designated cavity you planned in your 3D print. The plastic around the insert melts, when cooled securing it as your new type of fastener. It will last for ages.


What we need is an accessible cylindrical cavity, to be able to insert the bush. Because they are heat set, we recommend a minimum wall thickness for this cavity to prevent it from warping.

Thread size (metric)DepthRequired hole diameterMinimum wall thickness

Inserts can be installed in all of our thermoplastic parts: ABS, Polycarbonate (PC), ASA, Nylon and Ultem.

Something for your project?

Ask one of our experts. They will make sure to add the inserts to your order, so you’ll receive the parts all finished and ready to go!

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Posted by Neil

Als drijvende kracht achter Parts On Demand heeft Neil een passie voor het ontwikkelen, produceren en testen van ideeën die aan het voorfront van technologische ontwikkeling staan.

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