This is how industrial 3D printing works!

Our production facilities are actually here on earth, but you wouldn’t know it. We are excited to give you a sneak-peak behind the scenes of our operation. We are all a little curious about the magic that happens when we place an order, right?

We made a cool little video to show you what the typical steps are in the production of your parts. From the moment you inquire with us, you are in the capable hands of one of our experts. Assuring you that we’re tailoring our machines and processes exactly to your needs.


Your file is manually checked for printability. Sometimes we’ll need to fix stubborn faults - no worries, we’ll make sure it gets done - to guarantee that your part will be produced within spec and according to our quality standards.


Enter Parts On Demand ninja’s! They’ll slice your part into tiny, tiny layers, which our printers will build from the bottom up. The number of slices for one single part can run up to several thousands.


Once our ninja’s have finished, your part is ready for production. Producing a single part per run would be highly inefficient. That’s why we plan the production of your part in a batch with same material models. These batches have typical building times of 24-48 hours. This makes us one of the fastest in the industry: at your service!


After printing, the batches are removed and pieced out. From hereon they either continue to quality control or post-processing to receive a polish or paint.


Almost finished! After final checks are concluded, we’ll double check the right parts in the right amount end up in your carefully packed shipment. From now on you should start expecting the delivery guy. We’ll even make this part efficient for you, we’ll send you a tracking code to follow him without leaving the comfort of your chair!

Do you consider 3D printing your parts? Upload them to our online quotation tool, or contact one of our experts. Do you think we won’t be able to produce your parts? Give us a call at +31 85 4444 200 and we’ll find a way. Always.

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Posted by Neil

Als drijvende kracht achter Parts On Demand heeft Neil een passie voor het ontwikkelen, produceren en testen van ideeën die aan het voorfront van technologische ontwikkeling staan.

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