Use 3D printed tools to speed-up your production

As a production company, you are probably familiar with certain handling that takes up more time than you would like. So why not let us create a custom-tool for you to speed-up your process?

Most of the time, conventional tooling is not an efficient option. It involves expensive processes and materials. Moreover, the lead-time is most commonly measured in weeks or months.

Combine our extensive knowledge in product development with our mastery in 3D printing to produce your production tools. Cost-effective and tailor-made. Most of the times we’re able to turn a perk in your production into a valuable tool in a matter of hours. You’ll wonder how you managed before!

Recently we produced a loading funnel for Mobipers. Mobipers squeezes fruit into juice. On a daily basis their installation processes hundreds of kilos of apples, pears and soft fruits to naturally turbid juice. This juice is packaged according to the ‘bag-in-box’ principle. A plastic bladder with tap is filled with juice. This bladder is then wrapped in a cardboard box, creating a juice tank.

Amongst Mobipers’ clients, there is an increasing demand for customer-specific packaging. For odd-sized boxes, Mobipers was in need for a custom loading funnel to slide the plastic bladder into the cardboard box.

At Parts On Demand, it is our aim to create smarter products. Hence, we took the liberty of suggesting a few adjustment to their old funnels, to speed-up their process. Our developers added air channels. This helps air trapped under the bladder to escape, reducing loading cycles of the boxes. Because with 3D printing complexity is free. And a little time-reduction per box - multiplied by hundreds of boxes that Mobipers processes on a regular day - is easy money, don’t you think?

In for a little brainstorm on how to speed-up your production? Have a chat with one of our experts at +31 85 4444 200 or invite us to have a closer look at your processes!

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Posted by Neil

Als drijvende kracht achter Parts On Demand heeft Neil een passie voor het ontwikkelen, produceren en testen van ideeën die aan het voorfront van technologische ontwikkeling staan.

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