PA11 Carbon Fibre

Are you looking for an even stronger material? Then you’re probably looking for PA11 Carbon. The mixture of carbon fibre with regular PA11 reveals an ideal formula for strong parts! Curious? Take a look here!

Looking for stronger parts? That’s exactly why we added PA11 Carbon (CF) to our collection, a mixture of PA11 and carbon fibre. Tests showed that this is an unbelievable strong combination: no less than 7 times stronger than regular PA11!

The new material offers more stiffness, is harder and has a higher tensile strength. It is also resistant to higher temperatures. Moreover, PA11 CF can be ordered with additional finishings such as burnishing and grinding. The material can be put to work in lots of different areas and can give you even more confidence in heavy industrial applications. And how about products exposed to high temperatures (robot arms deployed in or near furnaces for example), or chemically testing environments. The high chemical resistance of the material offers great new solutions. Long story short, it gives you more options for heavy use scenarios.

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Posted by Menno

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