Video: Rent-All with on-demand production of led-tubes

Did you know that 3D printing can be used for serial production? Up to several thousand pieces without a sweat. With an unbelievable flexibility and without tooling or high start-up costs. We are more than willing to help you start up such series, to get you exactly what you need.

And that is why, from your first contact, you choose Parts On Demand: we are involved, use all the tips and tricks from our pantry and take it one step further.

For instance, we use experiences from product use-cases. Can we skip steps in assembling, maybe by printing mounted products? Can we improve the product by applying special construction options? Can we reduce weight by leaving out abundant material?

This mounting bracket is a perfect example of how 3D printing helps reduce weight. The previous version of this bracket was milled out of aluminum. A time consuming and expensive process, with lots of waste material.

Instead of just reducing weight by using a lighter material, 3D printing allows for optimizing the bracket for the strain it undergoes when in use. The amount of material is predominantly used in those places where the forces are actually applied upon. Just what the application really needs. No more, no less. Smart eh?

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Posted by Neil

Als drijvende kracht achter Parts On Demand heeft Neil een passie voor het ontwikkelen, produceren en testen van ideeën die aan het voorfront van technologische ontwikkeling staan.

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