PA12 (PA2200)

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Delivery timeExpress: 3-4 working days or Standard: 7 workdays
TolerancesStandard: ±0.4mm or 0.4% orTechnical: ±0.15mm or 0.2%
Minimum wall thickness1mm (design living hinges minimum 0.5mm)
ColorsStandard: dyed black Optional: Naturel (unfinished) / Deep-dye-coloring: black, blue, food grade blue, yellow, orange, red and green. Get in touch about RAL-specific colors.
Pay attention toThin, long walls. The temperature of the process can cause parts to warp. Due to the process, tolerances in building orientation (Z) are higher and holes are slightly elongated. Also check our guidelines.


Tensile modulusISO 5271700 ± 150N/mm2
Tensile strengthISO 52745 ± 3N/mm2
Elongation at breakISO 52720 ± 5%
Flexural modulusISO 1781240 ± 130N/mm2
Charpy-Impact strengthISO 17953 ± 3,8kJ/m2
Charpy-Notched impact strengthISO 1794,8 ± 0,3kJ/m2
Izod-Impact strengthISO 18032,8 ± 3,4kJ/m2
Izod-Notched strengthISO 1804,4 ± 0,4kJ/m2
Ball identation hardnessISO 18077,6 ± 2N/mm2
Shore-D hardnessDIN 5350575 ± 2
Vicat softening temperatureISO 306B/50: 164 A/50: 181


Bio-compabilityDownload (only applies to PA12 Nylon (PA2200) Naturel)
Food-approvalDownload (only applies to PA12 Nylon (PA2200) Naturel)
Regulatory informationDownload


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