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Product development

Products are developed. Made. Assembled. Finished. Treated. With 3D technology we skip a few stages. With seeming endless possibilities we love you help you adjust your products to the new options. And skipping a few stages (you may read: large stages) you find the benefits enormous. In time, in effort, in money, in error costs. Shall we continue?

Find out how we put our money where our mouth is: read our product development cases!

How to export and upload a CAD file
In 3D printing, it all starts with a digital model of a product or a part. These models are created with ‘Computer Aided Design’, commonly referred to as CAD. Sometimes it is [...]
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This is how industrial 3D printing works!
Our production facilities are actually here on earth, but you wouldn’t know it. We are excited to give you a sneak-peak behind the scenes of our operation. We are all a [...]
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