PartsOnDemand Blasting


All products are blasted to get rid of the excess powder and close the otherwise porous surface of the parts. We would expect no less ourselves.

PartsOnDemand Finishing


If the standard finish is not enough for your application we can smoothen the surface by fine grinding. By removing just a fraction of the surface, we are left with a smooth, tight surface, less sensitive for dirt and very suitable for a finished product.

PartsOnDemand Polishing


If good is not good enough. When we polish your parts, we densificate the finished surface, smoothen them even further and polish them to a semi-shine. Why you may want this? You cannot tell these products apart from injection moulded parts. So if that is the finish you are looking for…

PartsOnDemand Inserts


A ready-made product. That is what 3D printing can deliver. Sometimes a part can be printed assembled. Sometimes the best option is an insert. We help you make the best choice, that offers the most reliable result.

Our engineers do nothing but devise smart solutions that are equipped with a nipple, a fitting or a thread. Day in day out. So you need not break your head over it and are guaranteed to have an outstanding product. That’s how we like it.

PartsOnDemand Colours


Black, wit and grey. Just not right for you? We considered that as well! Products printed in standard white, can be additionally coloured by impregnation or coating. PA11 black and PA11CF can only be coloured by coating.

Impregnation is done by treating parts in a paint bath, where they soak up the colour of the paint solution. Coating is done by applying a tough industrial lacquering. According to RAL-specs, with a grainy structure of metal look, our coaters know how to hit the right note!

PartsOnDemand Surface


To smoothen the surface and even make the products suitable for hygienic applications, we offer a range of techniques. Products can be blasted, fine grinded and polished to your desired surface quality.