Functionele prototypes/ 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing

Functional prototypes

We still produce functional prototypes, fast and easy. Ideal for testing ‘form, fit & function’. ‘Still’ because that is what we have been doing for a while now, so we assist you with our knowledge and experience. We have set up a special prototype service.

We examine your design and guide the whole process until you have your working prototype. Because Parts On Demand uses industrial plastics, all of the usual processing methods such as gluing, drilling and screwing are possible.

Can it be any more functional?

How we helped speed up prototyping iterations? Have a look at one of our cases!

Exhibition models: how 3D printing clarifies Innecs’ message!
In an exhibition, you want to show the effectiveness of your product at a glance. But how to do so? We set out on that challenge for Innecs Power Systems situated in [...]
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