Laser Sintering

Fast, flexible and cost-efficient part production with SLS. At high quality and great consistency.

Parts On Demand has an extensive machine park with high-end industrial 3D printers. We use Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) because it achieves the highest efficiency and quality.

What is SLS?

With SLS, just like with any other 3D printing technique, the model is built layer by layer. However, different from FDM, with SLS the model is made using a powder bed.

A so-called recoater deposits a thin layer of powder on the building platform. This layer is heated and a laser scans the shape of the model, thus melting the powder and forming a layer of the product. The recoater then deposits another layer and the whole process is repeated until the part is built up. The leftover powder can be reused.

Why SLS printing?

We mostly work with Nylon PA11 or PA12 and carbon enhanced PA11. SLS has a standard layering of 0,1 mm per layer and due to its mat finish the products show relatively little visible layering.

Nice eh?

Do you want to have a 3D model of your product made?

At Parts on Demand we produce your parts in-house using SLS – Selective Laser Sintering. We use it to 3D print series of parts and prototypes. Would you like to know more about the SLS technology or our production options? Please contact us or request a quote or price indication. The prices of our professional 3D printing service are competitive, our delivery time is one of the fastest in the industry. Added service, for you!