You can teach an old dog new tricks…

3D printing offers opportunities that we previously did not think possible. And let’s face it. If you don’t delve into it, you probably still don’t imagine it. That’s why we offer you our services. Knowledge as a Service. Because of 3D design and 3D printing, we have cheese on our hands.

Meldt je aan voor onze basis workshop 3d printen voor dummies

Workshop: 3D printing for dummies

Date: come back later!

3D Printing. You’ve heard so much about it. But what is it really? And how does industrial 3D printing work? What happens at Parts on Demand? During these workshops, we will discuss the basics of 3D printing. Perfect as a first introduction!

Meldt je aan voor onze workshop guidelines voor selective laser sintering!

Workshop: Design guidelines for SLS printing

Date: Oct. 11

Parts On Demand has extensive machinery with high-end industrial 3D printers. We use Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) because it achieves the highest efficiency and quality. Want to learn more about this technique and how to optimize your products for it? Then this workshop is for you!

Meldt je aan voor onze workshop foodgrade 3D-printen!

Workshop: Food-grade 3D printing

Date: December 13

Applying 3D printing in the food industry, how do you do it? In an energetic session, we look at the opportunities as well as the risks. For example, what about food contact certification? Cleaning-in-place? Color and traceability?