Making sure our parts are up to par with your application

The actual 3D-printing is just a small step of our production process. There’s a lot more to it! When your part is printed, there’s a variety of post-processing options available. Deep-dye-impregnation, coloring, coating, polishing, tumbling, laquering, shotpeening, vapor-polishing, FDA (food contact) coatings… anyways, you get the idea.

Color dyeing

  • Impregnation or deep dye-coloring of parts
  • Available in standard colors, RAL and Pantone
  • One extra working day delivery time


  • Makes your parts smoother and shiny
  • Parts become less porous and more wear-resistant
  • One extra working day delivery time
  • Does not affect your dimensions!
vapor polishing van onderdelen

Vapor polishing

  • Voor super smooth and sealed surfaces
  • Food- and skin-contact approval
  • Two additional days delivery time


  • Parts certified for food contact
  • According to FDA21 CFR or EC1935/2004
  • From five working days extra delivery time
  • Easy to clean!

Inserts and threading

  • Cutting threads or inserting threaded sleeves
  • In common M and G sizes
  • From five working days extra delivery time
  • For super functional parts!

Do you have any burning questions?

It may be true that 3D printing hasn’t been used as long for production as turning, milling or injection molding. As an engineer, maybe you don’t really have that ‘feel’ with printed parts yet. And you are not confident about how 3D printed products hold up in your machines. We fully understand that! And we will help ease your mind.

So: do you have a 3D printed application in mind? Use a 3D printed part and taste the pudding? See if it will hold up? Then contact Neil for a free sample. On the house!