Production tools and molds

3D printing is the best technology to create special tools, molds and templates to optimize production. An exquisite opportunity to up production, improve quality and make life for operators a lot easier.

Speed up your process?
At your demand.

Your company is Lean, 5S and Six Sigma. You get the importance of these tools for your production process. Can’t really get on without them. We get it! That’s why we make your tools as fast and lean as you produce. Did you know that we don’t only 3D print, but compile, rework and assemble as well?

Super fast!

The engineering?
We know how.

You used to make tooling by turning or milling parts. But with 3D printing you can do more for less. You only have to know how. Good for you, Parts On Demand has a team of engineers to help you make your designs better, smarter and more efficient. Or just take all the work off your hands.

That’s us!

Is there any other way?

So you’re wondering if 3D printing is strong enough to be used in a production environment? That’s a big YES from us. Large – and small – production companies rely on Parts On Demand for their cutting-edge tooling.

You may find that there is 3D printing and 3D printing.

We know the difference.