Why 3D-Print?

3D printing is the technology to make what you really need. Directly from computer to production. Skipping expensive steps and ultimately making your parts cheaper.

3D printing has turned the rules of design on its head. It’s like writing in the air. Layer by layer a model is built and the rules are broken down. Impossible forms become possible, impossible constructions see the light of day.

In many conventional production methods, an existing material is deformed by taking something away or adding something to what is there. In 3D printing there is nothing. Nothing but a wire or a powder that is heated by a laser into the desired shape. Layer by layer.

The applications are virtually endless, but they do require a different way of thinking. Thinking unencumbered by the conventional rules of design. Thinking in 3D, creative and innovative. Thinking according to the future. That’s how we think at Parts On Demand.