3D printing in high-quality materials for your application. Always the right solution!

3D printing has an endless amount of applications. The experts – meaning us, in this case – can create tailor made solutions, to fit your need. That is why, at Parts On Demand, we offer a wide spectrum of materials.

With some pride – nah, kidding: enormous pride – we only use industrial plastics where we have a major finger in the pie. Ready for any challenge, fit for the ‘real’ world.


PA12 (PA2200)

  • Versatile Polyamide 12 material
  • Bio-compatible and food safe under controlled conditions
  • From 3 working days delivery time
  • Standard production includes black dyed color

Carbon LW

  • Polyamide material with carbon fiber filling
  • Extremely strong and rigid: good aluminium replacement
  • Delivered to your doorstep in 10 work days
  • For parts that need to be stronger and resist higher wear. Electrically conductive.

TPU Rubber-like

  • Rubber-like thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Flexibel, functional and strong material
  • From 10 working days delivery time
  • Can be color impregnated

Do you have any burning questions?

It may be true that 3D printing hasn’t been used as long for production as turning, milling or injection molding. As an engineer, maybe you don’t really have that ‘feel’ with printed parts yet. And you are not confident about how 3D printed products hold up in your machines. We fully understand that! And we will help ease your mind.

So: do you have a 3D printed application in mind? Use a 3D printed part and taste the pudding? See if it will hold up? Then contact Neil for a free sample. On the house!