Materials for 3D-printing

3D printing in high-quality materials that exactly match your application. Always something that works!

3D printing has endless applications. And with that, the experts – that’s us – can create solutions that are “tailor-made” for your specific application. That’s why you’ll find a wide arsenal of materials at Parts On Demand.

It is with some pride – no, great pride – that we exclusively process industrial plastics where we ourselves have a fat finger in the pie: ready for any challenge, fit for the “real” world.

PA12 Blue MD

  • For food- or (metal)detection applications
  • Blue inside-out, food safe and (metal) detectable
  • From 15 working days delivery time
  • Certified according to EC1935/2004 and FDA
PA11GF Black 3d-print materiaal

PA11GF Black

  • The Dark Knight of 3D Printing Materials
  • Extra strong, stiff and wear resistant
  • From 10 working days delivery time
  • From a renewable resource: castorbeans!
3D-printen in Nylon PA11

PA11 Nylon

  • High quality and strong material
  • Food safe and applicable for various medical applications
  • From 10 working days delivery time
  • From a nrenewable resource: the castor bean!

PA12 (PA2200)

  • Versatile Polyamide 12 material
  • Bio-compatible and food safe under selected conditions
  • From 3 working days delivery time
  • fa-check-circle Will be impregnated black as standard

Carbon LW

  • Polyamide material with carbon-fiber padding
  • Extremely strong and rigid: good aluminum replacement
  • From 10 working days delivery time
  • fa-check-circle For mechanically more heavily loaded parts

TPU Rubber-like

  • Rubbery thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Flexible functional and strong material
  • From 10 working days delivery time
  • fa-check-circle Can be color impregnated

Do you have another burning question?

Perhaps 3D printing has not been used for production as long as turning, milling or injection molding. As an engineer, you don’t really have a “feel” with printed parts yet. Don’t know how 3D printed products hold up in your machines. And we understand that!

So: do you have a 3D printing application in mind? Just want to mount a 3D printed part in your machine to try it out? Have a part made to see if it will indeed stay whole? If so, contact Neil for a free sample. Round of business!