Vapor Polishing

The Smooth Operator of the Industrial World


Let us unveil the pièce de résistance of post-processing solutions: the wondrous vapor polishing! With its unparalleled ability to create a glossy, sealed surface on your 3D-printed parts, vapor polishing is the superhero your parts didn’t know they needed. Now, let’s embark on a journey to explore the captivating applications and benefits of this miraculous technique.

vapor polishing culinary compliance

Food Industry: A Culinary Symphony of Compliance

In the food industry, regulations are the secret sauce that ensures the safety and satisfaction of our beloved consumers. Our vapor polishing process has been finely tuned, like a master chef’s favorite recipe, to create a harmonious blend of compliance and quality.

Enter the stage, EC1935/2004! This star-studded European regulation lays down the law on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. Fear not, for our vapor polishing process is the perfect dance partner for EC1935/2004, waltzing gracefully across the ballroom of food safety.

How, you ask? Well, allow us to explain. The smooth, sealed surfaces created by our vapor polishing process actively reduce the risk of bacterial growth and cross-contamination. In doing so, our gastronomic-grade parts provide a delectable layer of protection for the food that graces their surfaces. It’s a match made in culinary heaven!

But that’s not all! Vapor polishing also ensures that no substances are transferred to food in quantities that could harm human health or adversely affect the taste, aroma, or texture of the food. In other words, our process not only complies with EC1935/2004 but also delivers a flawless performance worthy of a standing ovation.

3D-Drucken - Medizinische Produkte

Orthotics: Comfort Meets Craftsmanship

Orthotic devices and braces require impeccable skin contact surfaces to ensure the highest level of comfort. Vapor polishing swoops in like a knight in shining armor, banishing friction and irritation from the realm of orthotics. From custom insoles to tailor-made braces, patients can enjoy enhanced comfort and improved performance, all thanks to the magic of vapor polishing.

Nylon 3D printen

High-Value Products: A Touch of Elegance

In the world of high-value products, appearances matter. Vapor polishing brings a touch of sophistication to your premium product casings, buttons, and switches, bestowing them with a stunningly smooth, glossy finish. These exquisite surfaces not only look fantastic but also feel luxurious to the touch, elevating the user experience to new heights.



Video-Miniaturansicht - schnelle und flexible Serienproduktion

Automotive: Sleek and Streamlined

The automotive industry demands parts that are both durable and visually appealing. Enter vapor polishing! Our process creates watertight, sealed surfaces for components such as headlight covers, air intake ducts, and connectors, ensuring they can withstand harsh conditions and maintain optimal performance. Plus, the smooth, glossy finish adds a touch of panache to any vehicle’s design.


Medical Devices: Health and Harmony

Vapor polishing is also a game-changer for medical devices. From surgical tools to prosthetic components, our process creates surfaces that are easy to clean and gentle on skin contact, promoting patient comfort and enhancing device functionality. Trust us, your patients and medical professionals alike will sing the praises of vapor polishing.

In conclusion, vapor polishing is the versatile virtuoso that takes your 3D-printed parts from good to extraordinary. With its ability to create smooth, sealed surfaces across a wide range of applications, this post-processing solution is not only a game-changer – it’s a life-changer. So, step into the world of vapor polishing and prepare to be amazed.

Need to knows for your design:

Max. dimensions

250 x 250 x 500mm

Pay attention to

Even wall thickness – make sure the difference is no larger than 2mm


Two additional days

Tips from POD

Must have for food- and medical applications

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