Hands free with Bout Solutions

A forklift driver having to exit the cabin, scan a barcode, return to the cabin, and then lift a pallet. Seems a bit cumbersome, doesn’t it? In this day and age, there must be a smarter solution.

This was precisely the question one of Mike Bouterse’s customers asked him about three years ago. The result? ScanSystems. A company Mike established to develop a wireless scanning solution for use on forklifts.

“Three months ago, I felt the need to pinch myself in the arm. It felt as though I was writing a boy’s book. The speed in which the success of this solution was taking off, it all seemed quite unreal.”


A new adventure

Mike had been active in vision inspection systems, engineering, and designing solutions used in half of all supermarket packed products. When he sold his previous company, he was able to bring along one of his inventions.
It was based on the query of a customer seeking a solution to simplify the scanning process for moving goods around in warehouses.

The invention? An automatic scanning system, wireless, hassle-free. “Three years ago, I started working on this system. And since I started Bout Solutions, at the beginning of 2023, I was able to go full speed ahead. I developed the system so, that it easy to install without in-depth knowledge. This means that customers from all over the world can just place an order, get the system delivered and install it in a heartbeat.” The scanning system not only saves time and costs, but it does also not need data cables through moving objects, installation is easy and no additional software is needed.


The ScanSystem is equipped with a camera that scans the label on the pallet. The data is transferred to a base connection box, which is battery or external powered. The scan is triggered either by ultrasonic distance sensors or manually through a button box. All transmissions are wireless, so there are no cables that can deteriorate, break, or get stuck in the mechanics. And on top of all that, the wireless ScanSystem requires the same investment as the wired and vulnerable option.

Safety first

“Safety is a big plus, besides the reliability. The forklift driver does not need to extend his arm outside the forklift. He can keep his attention focused on driving and lifting, the ScanSystem does the rest. It communicates directly with a terminal or tablet.” Mike rightfully prides himself on the effectiveness and easy installation of his product. “Whenever I visit a customer to test the solution on site, I bring my case with the ScanSystem and will have the system up and running within three minutes.”

The renowned scanner producer Zebra has embraced the system and have included ScanSystem in their portfolio. They have set up a marketing strategy together with Mike. “It is really taking off, these last few months. Whenever I check my email, I have multiple requests in my inbox.”

All hands on deck

It is all hands on deck for Mike. “We have got the production in full swing. At the moment we are producing 200 systems per month. At the time when I was still in the prototyping phase, I contacted Parts On Demand for their help. I knew them from dealings in the past and was looking for a reliable partner to help me finetune the prototype.”

The first contact he had with Parts On Demand was via the internet. “Once I spoke to them on the phone, I found them to be really approachable. It is a young company, and you can notice the passion in the people working there. They are keen to collaborate without immediate dollar signs in their eyes. I got some good feedback and design improvements from them. Together we made some adjustments and got the product ready for the market. We are dealing with large companies that are interested in the system, so the process to get an accepted prototype did take some time. The first orders we received are from large producing companies and logistical warehouses. That does make sense though, because the most value is added in large bulk warehouses.”


The collaboration with Parts On Demand does not only benefit Mike in the way that he gets a better product, but the design is also easier to produce and the finished product is very good looking as well. “I was looking for a reliable partner that can scale up with the growing demand. The assembly of the system is done in a sheltered workshop. They have real attention for detail, and I like the approach that they have towards their workers. In that, Parts On Demand and myself also share a common ground.”

Mike is very pleased with the communication and collaboration with the people at Parts On Demand. “It feels just right, and we get things done. I will keep on using 3D printing as a production technique, it allows me to be flexible in design as well as in numbers. What more could you ask for?”

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