7.5 years of growth

FD Gazellen 2021

Something to celebrate again!

Who needs a reason for a party anyway? But if we’re looking for a reason anyway, and we have two right away, it really should be called a celebration.

Our Neil has been with the business for 7.5 years. Or so we say, Parts on Demand has been in existence for 7.5 years! Be that as it may, we are proud of our Geek-in-Chief. And Parts on Demand stands like a house, as evidenced by our nomination for the Gazellen Award from the Financieel Dagblad, which we wrote about last year.

The award ceremony took place on March 24. As mentioned, we love a party, so we sent Neil after it. And among all the violence of software, marketing and e-commerce, Parts on Demand was number two among the manufacturing companies in the results.

So: Yay! We have much to celebrate!

© Adi Goldstein via Unsplash