InMotion accelerates electric refueling using 3D printing

At Parts on Demand, we are always looking for exciting new projects and challenges. That’s why we are pleased to have contributed to InMotion’s Electric Fueling initiative!

The goal of this initiative is to make charging as quick and easy as refueling. And how are we going to do that? By charging the battery pack even faster! Our first iteration of the 57.6 kWh battery pack already allows the car to charge from 20% to 80% SoC in just 12 minutes. Now that’s quick and easy!

And of course, we at Parts on Demand are proud to have been able to contribute to this project. As a sponsoring project, we provided components to ensure that these faster charging options could actually be put into practice. And we are far from finished: we are already looking forward to the next iteration and to even faster and more efficient charging options.

At Parts on Demand, we believe that 3D printing technology can contribute to sustainable and innovative solutions to the challenges of the future. Whether in electric fueling, the food industry or aviation, we take pride in helping our customers with high-quality parts and solutions that meet their needs. And who knows what the future will bring us? We can’t wait to find out!