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Uitleg tijdens behind the scenes

Behind The Scenes

The vacations are already over for some of us, so we are busy planning again for the fall meetings. It may not feel like it, but that really comes very close very quickly. Indeed, the first Behind The Scenes of the second half of this year is scheduled for September 30.

Does that strike a chord? Then you’re in the neighborhood anyway, because it’s the last day of the WoTS. And then you pick up the World of 3D printing right away. Where it really happens, with us at the Schaverijweg. Also in Utrecht, so you can enjoy missing out on the worst Friday afternoon rush hour after a trade show.

Looking into the machines, during the printing process, the post-processing, the coloring and the PVP-en. ‘Seeing is believing’, we often hear. And you can ask our colleagues a few questions, right where the answer is on display.

What more could a person want? A snack and a drink we also provide.

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