Breaking news! PVP great success

Will smooth become the new standard?

We wrote about our new Premium Vapor Polishing Machine last month. Well, we knew that! Meanwhile it is running at full speed and we hear customers say that they do not want anything else.

Jelle de Vries, head of production, explains how he himself is still regularly impressed by how beautiful the parts become through this process. “I really, seriously, still have a ‘wow moment’ every time. The look of the parts is really a thousand times better as far as I’m concerned. It’s not a kléin difference and it makes the parts very hygienic and therefore suitable for food contact, for example.”

Ron Verleun also joins the conversation: “It’s not the case that parts have to be impregnated blue first in order to be approved for food contact. White is also allowed. The FDA states that the color used for parts must be blue or white. Many companies choose blue because it is associated with visually recognizable. Both the white part that comes out of our printers and the food-blue impregnated one are certified. An additional advantage of impregnation is that the color only penetrates into the top layer and that layer therefore immediately serves as a kind of wear indicator. So then you can see very quickly if you have a problem somewhere in your process.”

Premium Vapor Polishing is not only appreciated by customers who work in food. The look adds value in a lot of areas. “We make a normal variant and a VIP variant of a product for a few customers. The VIP variant is PVPed. But I don’t think it will be long before everyone only wants PVP as post-processing.”

So, for the food industry, there is now a range of post-processing options available that really add something. Coating, impregnation and PVP-en.