Doing it yourself?

Workshops and Trainings. On demand.

You know us, we like to share. And what better way to share than our knowledge? When you have so many of them, it would be a little selfish not to, right? We thought so too.

To help you become more self-sufficient and, secretly, to make you a bit of an extension of us, we’ve put together a whole series of workshops. In doing so, we make your and our lives more fun and easy. Because if you know more about the possibilities and focal points of 3D printing, you’re bound to do more with it too. Without us having to tell you a whole lot about it then.

Take a look at our comprehensive program, we have developed eleven workshops and two training courses. If you are interested in any of these programs, please send an email.


  • Scanning
  • Post-treatment
  • Food grade
  • Medical grade
  • Selection of printing techniques
  • Material Selection
  • 3D printing for dummies
  • Design guidelines
  • Branding in 3D design
  • Series production
  • Sustainability of/with/by 3D printing


  • Application sprint
  • Parametric design