Feda executive dinner

Feda Executive diner

An executive dinner in a knight’s hall. Pretty cool place to tell your story, right?

With over 150 members, FEDA is the most important trade association in the field of Drive and Automation Technology in the Netherlands. Networking, knowledge transfer and collaboration, all with the overarching theme Feda will boost your business. Well and now our own Ron Verleun is a board member there and so we had to be present at the first ever FEDA executive dinner. And you know us, we like to make our presence well known. So for this dinner we provided a keynote speaker, our own Neil!

In front of about fifty attendees, Neil began his story with his well-known helmet on. By which he did not intend to look foolish, but rather to make a point. And it did!

As the name implies, an executive dinner ensures the presence of a company’s senior management, or board of directors. Exactly where you want to make a point. And if you then also get to network in a super cool ambiance, the Knights’ Hall of the castle in Woerden, then your evening can’t go wrong, can it?

A successful evening, as the first applications are already in. We got a lot of people thinking with Neil’s presentation, in this world of yet relatively crude technology, the story was really an eye-opener.