Food Technology

Logo - Food Technology 2022

Conference and exhibition, 13 and 14 April

In the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch, Mikrocentrum and the trade magazine EVMI are jointly organizing the Food Technology event. And we are there. With both a lecture and a booth.

There is a lot of nonsense going around when it comes to applying 3D printed parts in the food industry. But as you’ve come to expect from us: we don’t like nonsense. A clear story, setting out the fables and the facts clearly, and communicating openly and transparently.

That’s what our Neil is going to tell you on April 13 at 1 p.m. in room two. And then, of course, come see us at our booth #4. Can’t miss it, right by the entrance.

In the program overview, we put it this way:

Colors often give an association with a status. For example, blue is linked to “food safe. Will it stay that way? Also in 3D printed plastic products?

3D Printing. Everyone has heard of it. But what do you do with it? Of course you make prototypes, but how do you apply it in production?

In an energetic session, we look at the opportunities as well as the risks. For example, what about food contact certification? Cleaning-in-place? Color and traceability?

Are you in the mechanical engineering or food processing industry and want to know how to apply 3D printing effectively? Through this session, I aim to give you a jump start in making your products smarter, better and more efficient.

Posted by Janet