Grip on food

Food Tech - Impressie

Grip On Food is our theme for 3D printing for the food industry. And we introduced this theme at the new Food Technology, which was held April 13 and 14 in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch.

Right from the entrance, we were clearly visible on the exhibition floor. We had created a beautiful display – if we do say so ourselves, full of parts in various materials and finishes. In the middle of that display, video played with applications in the food processing industry, and the actual grippers in particular prompted good conversations.

They were not just some show models, but real grippers, from practice, made available by our customers. And that difference, you see.

But our presence was not only noticeable on the show floor, Neil gave a talk in which he made a warm plea for the wise use of 3D printing and the sense and nonsense of food grade materials and colors.

In short: a successful event that raised the profile of 3D printing and allowed us to work on our brand awareness. All of our goals for this event were more than met!