Smart solutions at AM for Production and Food Technology.

At Parts on Demand, we have not been bored one bit recently. In fact, we were at no less than two trade shows: AM for Production and Food Technology. And of course we had a lot of adventures there!

At the AM for Production trade show, we demonstrated how 3D printing allows us to quickly and flexibly produce parts that precisely meet our customers’ needs. This has already led to many diverse user cases, which our colleague Neil is only too happy to tell you about. And because we at Parts on Demand are always looking for smart solutions, we can now help our customers with their production processes even smarter, more efficiently and better. Anything to keep our customers happy and showcase what we have to offer!

But we also showed our best side at the Food Technology fair. The first day of the fair focused on 3D printing, as well as Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 on food contact materials (FCMs). At Parts on Demand, we are fully aware of the material requirements involved, as well as GMP guidelines. The second day was about End of arm tooling (EOAT) for robots within the Food industry. Food safety is a unique challenge for EOAT, but fortunately we at Parts on Demand can 3D-print EOAT suitable for food contact applications with our materials.

At Parts on Demand, we pride ourselves on our contribution to producing high-quality parts and solutions that meet our customers’ needs. Whether in aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical equipment or the food industry, we provide smart, efficient and sustainable solutions.

In short, we have not been bored for a moment recently and we are already looking forward to the next challenges. At Parts on Demand, we know better than anyone how important it is to keep our customers happy. And we do so with our enthusiasm, our expertise and our high-quality products and solutions. So keep those new challenges coming!