Lana optimizes

Lana optimaliseert

What else can you do with it?

There she is, Lana Snoeij. Our newest face and expansion of our sales team. Lana wants to help clients discover what else you can do with existing technology. She did that in her previous job, and there she sees bins of opportunity with 3D printing à la Parts On Demand.

She has only just entered the workforce when we speak to her. “In my previous job I worked in IT and automation and was involved in offering customer-oriented solutions. Sometimes the customer does not yet know what is possible and what the added value of a feature is. So in that respect you can compare the approach with my role here, at Parts On Demand. I’ve already been able to hear some really great stories from my colleagues; I’m really looking forward to experiencing them myself and being able to tell them.”

The focus of Lana’s work is on industrial clients and, in part, marketing will also be a part of her work. “I really ended up in a warm bath. On the first day of work I immediately received a mug with my own name on it. Before that day, I had already visited twice to sample the atmosphere and take in some information.” Of course we want to know how it came about that she got into conversation with geek in chief Neil. “He approached me through LinkedIn*, through a search function. His timing was pretty perfect, I was ready for a new challenge. I get to shape my own role here. Doing what I like and what I’m good at.”

Good fittings

Immediately in her second week of work, she went to a trade show where she was able to meet many (future) customers. “At the Vision Robotics & Motion trade fair, I was already able to get a lot of ideas and have contact with customers. 3D printing is a very innovative technique, I went into this new chapter completely blank and already have a huge amount of inspiration.” She radiates it too, full of enthusiasm she talks about her first impressions. “I already know that you finish telling me what can’t be done with 3D printing faster than you finish telling me what can be done. You really learn to think differently!”

At that fair she attended, she saw many leads. “For the ends of the arms of robots, you can do a lot with 3D printing. Of course with other parts as well, but with 3D printing you can design smart grippers that you can also have produced in small series. Often you only need a few, so then it’s handy that you don’t have to buy large numbers.”

Atmosphere and Innovation

After the initial contact with Neil, she immersed herself in Parts On Demand. “On the website, I already tasted an appealing vibe. And the image matched the reality. You always have to wait and see whether the atmosphere of a website is the same in real life. In addition, it is of course a mega innovative technique. I’m really into gadgets myself, so I like that.” Then we want examples, and she shows her watch. “With my muscle movements I can operate my watch. That in itself is not very special, but almost no one uses that. I do!” At home, Zo also has a bin full of home automation: “I have everything set up with voice control,” she says with a slight chuckle.

So that feeling was good from the very first moment. But her dreamed role, she did not yet know how to put into words. “The click was there and I also had some conversations with colleagues. They really made an effort to give me a role and space in the organization in which I can grow. I am commercially trained and my creative side is really stimulated by the opportunities I get here. Both from the organization and the technology! I also want to play a role in the field of marketing. Ron Verleun has many ideas, but little time, I can give substance to them. And besides Ron’s ideas, I also have a list of things I want to implement.”

Turning in

Lana too, like the other colleagues, walked along in the production. “Not only did I tag along, but on one day when I forgot my laptop, I was a full participant. So now first thing in the morning when I come in, my colleagues in production jokingly ask if I have my laptop with me.” 3D printing itself was a familiar technique for Lana. “3D printing with a powder was new to me though and that you don’t need supporting structures for it. Very productive and taking out a container is like archaeology.”

In addition to being an enterprising tipple, Lana also appears to be athletic. “I love going to the gym and have always danced a lot. Really technical dancing is something I really enjoy doing, not ballet, but breakdance and other modern dance forms.” Lana’s other hobbies include gaming and fiddling with hardware herself. “In my previous job, I built my own personal computer and took care of the workplace design for new employees. Oh yeah, and I have green fingers.” She laughs as she talks about her houseplants.

*Neil: Why did I approach Lana? Her profile showed that she had customer experience as well as a solid dose of ambition. You could taste from everything that she likes to tackle and is open to learning. For example, that she is doing a college degree in addition to her work, and her entrepreneurial traits. A profile with zest and character. And that suits us.