PA11 series – The future of 3D printing

Parts on Demand PA11 Powered By Nature

The sensible alternative

Always looking to be one step better, more sustainable, never sitting still. Thus, during our search for a more environmentally friendly material, we came across on the path of PA11. Powered by Nature because not from petroleum-based raw materials but from renewable resource: the castor bean.

At AM for Production, we will introduce the public to this material, which is known for its excellent mechanical properties, including high strength, toughness and impact resistance. But you may already know.

“I am happy that we can take a step towards sustainable materials! And because of the high level of detail, PA11 parts look tighter, too,” says our engineer Anne van den Dool. She has been working with PA11 for more than six months now and is only too pleased with its performance.


PA11 can be used for functional parts in areas where there are high demands on the material. In the fracture tests, PA11 even comes out many times better than the PA12, which was the standard until recently. Ideal for aerospace, automotive and medical industries. Moreover, it is biocompatible under specific use conditions and certified for food contact according to EC1935/2004.

An exclusive

A Parts On Demand exclusive is the PA11GF Black. Developed in-house to make parts for industry meet even higher standards. High abrasion resistance, super strength and high tensile modulus, just to name a few properties. The PA11GF Black powder gives parts that are colored black throughout. With post-processing shot peening, the surface color is a deep anthracite. Then we subject your parts to our premium vapor-polishing process and you get deep black glossy parts, unmatched in the industry. With a higher tensile modulus, it offers a stiffer material that is less likely to deform under stress.

If you want to see it for yourself, visit us at AM for Production, or get in touch. We get that you’re curious.