Sniff it out!

Achter de schermen - Sfeerfoto

Behind the scenes

Wonderful, isn’t it, to be able to soak up knowledge live again with people around you? Well, don’t snort too hard with all that powder. But watching, asking, probing and listening can be done in our Behind the Scenes.

On March 25, we had another real one. As it should be. Looking into the machines, during the printing process, the post-processing, the coloring and the PVP-en. It was full house and full of enthusiasm. “Now that I’ve seen it, I understand it better”, “Now that I’ve met the people, I totally respect the organization”, “Instructive”, “Fun”, “I now have a much better understanding of the possibilities”, and so on.

In the roundtable sessions, we will explore the various aspects of industrial 3D printing as we do at Parts on Demand. To make it clear that there is a very big difference between the different techniques. An FDM printer clearly produces a different end product, “incomparable” we hear. After which it is clear to everyone why we choose SLS.

Often we see multiple colleagues from one company sign up. Then it seems very cozy when those are together in the tour. But we always put those colleagues in separate groups. Not to tease them though. Simply because experience shows that they take even more knowledge home with them. And that’s what we do it all for.

The next one is scheduled. May 20, so mark it in your calendar and sign up!

Behind the scenes, you can ask anything
At the round tables, no topic is shunned
Even in the máchine you can see
You see them hanging
Yes, you see it well!
That’s what it says in color.