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Workshop 3D printen

Nice that you can rely on our knowledge. But perhaps in your company there is a need to understand more yourself about what you can and cannot do with 3D printing. And learn more about the benefits. More even than you can get at a Behind the Scenes.

Then we have something for you too. Workshops and training, even customer-specific if you want. For example, this week we had a group of engineers in house from a company that has been printing their parts with us for quite some time. And they would like to know more. How to design for that, how to get even more out of the parts, how to make sure your assembled printed parts can move after printing.

Our solution facilitator Anne took them more through the wonderful world that 3D printing still is. “These engineers have been ordering parts for some time, but had not been here on site before. So they were also thrilled to be able to see for themselves during the tour at the end of the afternoon where it all happens. After the introduction we went straight to work. In an interactive session, we dealt with a case that they themselves had put forward.”

Convenient, because that’s how you get the most out of it, of course. “You could see throughout the afternoon every once in a while their eyes would twinkle when they saw the examples of complex, moving or springy parts and how you design that. That was really nice to see. They indicated that they had really learned new things and that they went home with new input for different projects they are working on. And the fact that these workshops are well received is evidenced by the fact that next week we will be hosting another group of engineers from this same company!”

So are you working as an engineer and would like a floor on our Behind the Scenes, let us know and we will tell you what is possible.