We back Yumen

Duchenne Heroes

In a literal sense, this time.

Team Yumen will participate in a sponsorship tour Duchenne Heroes this coming September, raising money on mountain bikes. Three days in the Ardennes, seventy kilometers a day on spectacular mountain bike trails and beautiful gravel paths. And we are on their backs with our logo.

A team with friends of Justus, the reason for Yumen at all.

Because the goal, of course, is to raise money for

An annual fundraising drive that is already in its sixteenth edition this year. And of course we hope that you will also make a donation to this super team for this good cause. So we take the liberty and find here the link. The more sponsors the better!

Net proceeds from Duchenne Heroes go to Duchenne Parent Project (DPP) and benefit research into Duchenne disease. On the Duchenne Parent Project website, you can read more about what research DPP is funding and where your sponsorship money will go.

Posted by Janet