Yumen Bionics makes dreams come true

Yumen Bionics maakt dromen waar

Together dreams become even more beautiful

The people of Yumen Bionics want to make dreams a reality. They make exoskeletons that support the arm movements of individuals with Duchenne disease. So they can use those arms again. Sometimes for what they love most, but always “just” moving again. The euphoria of someone experiencing the workings of those exoskeletons is extraordinary to behold.

They design those exoskeletons to be very flexible. In this way, the construction can easily be adapted to the person and their wishes, as well as to the latest insights. And so as many as sixty (!) components were manufactured using the 3D printing technique. If they have thought of a different part today, they would prefer to have it delivered tomorrow as well.

Because we care about their cause, and would like to contribute to it, we entered into a special partnership with them. In that collaboration, our goals align seamlessly. Because just like us, they look at what produces the best results. Do they think along with the user. And they want to be able to respond quickly to a change(s) in design.

They, like us, embrace the idea that the focus should be entirely on the outcome. Therefore, we selflessly collaborate in the development of their prototypes. In thinking along, in production space, in components. So that they can meet our goal. Because together you get further. Together we make dreams a reality.

And what about that name, Yumen? ‘Yume’ is Japanese for ‘dream’. And they want to make dreams come true. Therefore: Yumen Bionics.