From the other side

We wrote about the meeting of art, science and technology. Our Jelle was involved with that on the production side, but Jelle also has the type of educational background that we dared ask him more than just how he felt about making it happen.

“It’s obviously very nice when art and technology come together. It opens new doors for the production of art. The craftsmanship of an individual object does come off a bit, but of course the creative mind continues to determine the design. Actually, you can compare it a bit with an etching. The design is creative, the manufacture of the individual copies is technique.”

Jelle did product design, but at art school. “For example, I have designed lampshades myself. Because 3D printing allows you to make single pieces, it’s more interesting to offer the individual pieces. And all the development and ongoing development can also actually open doors for creativity.”

So positive, even if you do lose the craft of piecework a bit. “With the artwork we produced for the first time the other day, which was exhibited at the KunstRAI, we were involved from the beginning. Ron Verleun took care of the project management and I was allowed to get involved in the operational and production areas. Frans and Frank approached the artist with the idea of digitizing the existing work. We were then able to give them some more design tips for printing in parts. And with various techniques, the uniqueness of each work is guaranteed.”

In short, “I think it’s a very cool project!”