Design Guidelines

Engineer aan de slag met de design guidelines van Parts on Demand

Convenient or necessary?

As we often hear and read, Parts On Demand is more than a production company. The service and services ensure that as a customer you get what you need. And our knowledge can help you do that. That’s why we created our Design Guidelines.

Those Design Guidelines help you explain the process of 3D printing and post-processing. They give you tips on sizes, inserts, handholds. Things that will help you enjoy your prints just a little bit more. And with which you make the most efficient use of the possibilities of 3D printing. Because there are quite a few of them.


In the DG (we love cleverness, so we’re abbreviating Design Guidelines for a moment) you’ll find information on dimensions, wall thicknesses, fits, efficiently dividing a volume, imprinting part numbers, logos, and other conveniences.

Why would you use them? You’ve already made a prototype, right? But as I’m sure you know, producing a prototype is different from producing a series. In 3D printing, for example, it matters quite a bit how efficiently you arrange the “bin.

Everyone’s trade

Clients also often ask us to help think about their design. Because – let’s face it – everyone’s trade, and we are specialists in 3D. What our clients can do, that is their specialty. But there are also customers who send in their own print file. And of course (!) we review all your assignments. On feasibility and efficiency and some other things. After all, we want you to be happy with what we deliver to you! If something is not right, we will contact you and ask you to take another look at the drawing and make an adjustment. Waste of time, right? And from the effort. Hence those Guidelines.

We cannot use the Design Guidelines to inject your brain with the 3D thinking DNA. But we can tell you how the process goes, what the limits are and what clever tricks are. That’s already pretty close, we thought.